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Yaler is a relay infrastructure for secure access to embedded systems

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Why Yaler? (relay spelled backwards)

Connectivity as a service, since 2011

Secure Web, SSH or VNC access to embedded systems located behind a firewall, NAT or mobile network router. Pay-per-use, with premium support.

Hassle-free setup, no port forwarding

Once our Linux daemon or Yaler library is installed, end-users just plug in your product to enable access from any browser or phone at a known, stable URL.

Engineered to be reliable and scalable

We figured out the hard parts and keep working to provide a highly reliable service that scales from first prototype to successfully deployed product.

Works with your hardware of choice

Yaler works with any device that provides a TCP socket. Start with an Arduino Yun or Raspberry Pi, or ask us to implement a custom binding for your device.

How it works

The Yaler relay provides addressability and accessibility:

Why? Usually a firewall, NAT or mobile router blocks access:

Tried and tested on Raspbian, Debian, Ubuntu, OpenWrt, Yocto, Arch Linux and Arduino.

Remote SSH access to Linux devices

The YalerTunnel daemon enables remote SSH access to embedded Linux. Debug, monitor or update your devices using any terminal or standard tool.

Web access to localhost from anywhere

Securely access local embedded Web servers for monitoring, configuration and remote operation. Or debug Webhook calls via Yaler, on your computer.

Integration with third party Web services

Once your device is accessible and addressable from the Web, integrating it with existing Web apps or third party services becomes straight forward.

Tunneling TCP-based protocols

Yaler tunnels most TCP-based proprietary and legacy protocols. Use VNC to operate a machine. Collect data stored in a local DB. Keep your plant secure.

Debugging, updates and configuration

Remote access to local gateways enables the configuration and debugging of other devices at the same location, even if those use alternative transports.

Smartphone as a remote for your product

Build apps that talk to your product. Use any standard Web library. Move UI complexity to the app, where it's easier to update. Keep your hardware lean.

Used in building and home automation, environmental monitoring, tele-medicine and more.

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Yaler GmbH is located at Langstrasse 12, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland. Note our privacy and security policies. To keep in touch, subscribe to our blog or follow @yaler.