Access your device with Curl

From anywhere, via the Yaler relay.


A device running an Web service. To set up your device, see getting started.

Installing Curl

Download and install Curl from

Accessing your device

  1. To access the Web service, enter the command line
    $ curl -vL
    e.g. for the relay domain gsiot-ffmq-ttd5 enter
    $ curl -vL
  2. You should now see content served by your device.

Resolving errors

< HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

The Web service running on your device could not find the requested Web page.

  1. Make sure the URL is correct
  2. Check your source code or Web service configuration
< HTTP/1.1 504

The Yaler relay could not find a device ready to handle your request.

  1. Retry the command
  2. Make sure the URL is correct
  3. Make sure the device is physically connected
    Could not resolve host

    The Yaler relay might be down.

    1. Make sure the URL is correct
    2. Check the Yaler relay status page

    Your client might be offline.

    1. Make sure the client is physically connected
    Empty reply from server

    No Web service is listening on the device.

    1. Make sure a Web service is running on the device.

    The connection has been closed before the reply could be read.

    1. Make sure your Web service gives clients enough time to read the reply.

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