Pricing per year

Yaler connectivity, via shared or dedicated relays.

On Demand

Any quantity available

  • Web or SSH access
  • 1 relay domain
  • 1 GB data transfer
  • TLS encryption

CHF 10

per year + VAT

R&D Package

Freedom to experiment

  • 2 support sessions
  • 50 relay domains
  • 50 GB data transfer
  • TLS encryption

CHF 500

per year + VAT

Dedicated Relay

Pay per relay, max it out

  • Save 20% or more
  • 500+ relay domains
  • 500 GB data transfer
  • TLS encryption

CHF 4000

per year + VAT

Custom Support

Flexible and future proof

  • Priority email support
  • Influence roadmap
  • Custom bindings
  • TLS end-to-end

Get a quote

Ready to order? Email to get a Paypal invoice.

Flexible data transfer

Additional data transfer is available at CHF 0.25 per GB. Need high volume, e.g. for video streaming? Contact us.

Transparent pricing

Resource usage per device does not change with volume. You get the same fair price for your first device, as for the 100th.

No license fees

All Yaler libraries and daemons are provided for free under the Simplified BSD open source license. Dual licensing is possible.

World class infrastructure

We host our relays on highly reliable, large AWS EC2 instances, status is monitored by Pingdom and we get alerts through PagerDuty.

App specific support sessions

Discuss your systems architecture and application specifics with Yaler engineers. By email, on Skype or live in Zürich.

Shared or dedicated relay instances

We focus on providing Yaler as a highly reliable hosted service, on shared or dedicated relays, in data centers around the globe.

Any questions? Let us know.