Access your device with FileZilla

From anywhere, via the Yaler relay.


A device running an SSH service. To set up your device, see getting started.

Building YalerTunnel

How to build YalerTunnel on the client computer in order to enable tunneling SSH (and SFTP).

  1. Make sure JDK6 (or later) is installed and your PATH environment variable contains the JDK's bin directory.
  2. Download and unzip the YalerTunnel Java source
  3. To build YalerTunnel, open a shell, go to the unzipped directory, and type
    $ javac
  4. Done.

Running YalerTunnel

How to run YalerTunnel on the client computer to enable SSH (and SFTP) access to your device.

  1. To start YalerTunnel on a client computer, using your relay domain (e.g. gsiot-ffmq-ttd5), type
    $ java YalerTunnel client RELAY_DOMAIN

Installing FileZilla

Download and install FileZilla Client from

Configuring FileZilla

On your client computer, follow these steps to configure FileZilla.

  1. Start FileZilla Client, open the menu File > Site Manager and click New Site.
  2. Enter a site name, e.g. My Device, then set Host to, Port to 10022 and Protocol to SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol.

  3. Set Logon type to Normal, User to your username and Password to your password and click OK.
  4. Done. FileZilla is now configured to access your device.

Accessing your device

On your client computer, follow these steps to access your device with FileZilla.

  1. Start FileZilla Client, open the menu File > Site Manager and select your device, e.g. My Device, then click Connect.
  2. If the unknown host key warning appears, click OK.

  3. Done. You should now see the home directory of your device.

Setting SSH ClientAliveInterval

Follow these steps to prevent Error: server unexpectedly closed network connection.

  1. Open a shell on your device (not on your client computer).
  2. Add the line ClientAliveInterval 5 to the config (To save your changes press CTRL-X, then Y, then RETURN).
    $ sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config
  3. Reboot your device to activate the change
    $ sudo reboot
  4. Done. FileZilla SFTP connections will now be kept open with keep alive packets.

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