v1.0, 2018-01-03. For updates, follow @yaler.

In general

We do not use any third party tracking services.

We try our best to minimize the data we collect.

We keep access logs to our servers for 10 days.



Our site logs the time, IP address, user agent, path and status for 10 days.

The subdomain is served by a third party with their own privacy policy.

The *.* subdomains accessible via our relays are served by third parties, too.


Our relays log each relay domain access, including IP address, GB used, connection time and status.

We do not log or otherwise store any other data transferred to or from a device via our relay servers.

We delete access logs after 10 days, but aggregated billing information is stored permanently.


Our site creates a cookie for authorization, if you log in.


We do store your email address to identify your Yaler account.

We send you email for matters directly related to your account.

We will not send you any other news by email unless you opt in.


We do use third party payment and accounting services.

We do not store any credit card information on our servers.


We are happy to help you export your data on request.


To delete your account, log in and click delete this account.

We are happy to remove your data from backups on request.

Any questions? Get in touch.