Access your device from Android

From anywhere, via the Yaler relay.


A device running a Web or SSH service. To set up your device, see getting started.

Using the Android Web browser

See how to access your device from any Web browser.

Using a Web service client app

If you already have a configurable Android client app to access a local Web service running on your device, there's a good chance you can use it to access the same Web service via Yaler, without changing the code of the client app.

  1. Change the client app configuration to
    Port: 80 or 443
    e.g. for the relay domain gsiot-ffmq-ttd5, enter
    Port: 80 or 443
  2. Done. The client app should now work the same way it did before with a local Web service.

Using a SSH client app

See this thread in the Yaler Google Group.

Some changes might be required to handle redirects and proxies. For info please get in touch.

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