Access your Mac OS X from the Web

Make your Mac OS X accessible from anywhere via the Yaler relay.


Setting up your device requires a relay domain. Please sign up to get one.

Make sure JDK6+ is installed and your PATH environment variable contains its bin directory.

Building YalerTunnel on Mac OS X

Follow these steps to build YalerTunnel from source on a Mac.

  1. Download and unzip the YalerTunnel Java source
  2. To build YalerTunnel, open a shell, go to the unzipped directory, and type
    $ javac
  3. Done. Now you can enable Web access.

Web access


A Web server or service has been installed and is running on the same computer.

Enabling Web access on Mac OS X

How to configure YalerTunnel on Mac OS X to make a local Web service accessible from anywhere.

  1. To start YalerTunnel, using the port of the local Web service (e.g. 8080) and your relay domain (e.g. gsiot-ffmq-ttd5), type
    $ java YalerTunnel server RELAY_DOMAIN

    Do not change the local IP (default:, unless the Web service runs on a separate device in the same network.

  2. Done. Now access your device from any Web browser or with Curl (and resolve errors).


How to fix common issues.

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